Zenist Women's
Zenist Women's
Zenist Women's
Zenist Women's


Zenist Women's

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The Zenist is Evolv's answer to modern competition-style climbing. When smearing on large holds and features is paramount, this extremely soft and sensitive shoe will help you stick to the wall. The Women's version will accommodate lower-volume feet, but also sports a slightly smaller heelbox. 

Its downturned and asymmetrical shape offers brilliant performance on overhangs while its sensitivity gives unequalled feedback when stepping on the tiniest holds.

The single-strap closure system ensures a quick-and-easy fit and leaves plenty of space for a large toepatch. Its synthetic vegan-friendly upper will help the shoe retain its downturned performance shape.


Profile Downturned
Asymmetry High
4,2mm TRAX SAS (half-length)
Upper Material Synthetic