Theory Women
Theory Women
Theory Women
Theory Women

La Sportiva

Theory Women

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The Theory are La Sportiva's answer to modern bouldering problems. Extremely soft and sensitive, they will make walking on volumes a breeze while their high asymmetry and downturn will give you all the power necessary to push on the smallest of holds. 

The Theory is the first climbing shoe to use a hybrid No-Edge sole, retaining its edge at the point of the shoe but equipped with No-Edge technology on the sides. This allows for greater responsivity when rolling onto large holds and features while keeping a strong edging power on the big toe. 

In addition, a massive toepatch covering most of the shoe guarantees good traction when pulling on aggressive toe-hooks. 

Profile Downturned
Asymmetry High
1,9mm to 4mm Vibram XS Grip 2 (half-length)
Upper Material Microfiber and leather
Weight 175g